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Legal disclaimer


We would like to inform you of the following information, In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, dated 11th July, with regards to Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services (LSSI):

BADENES LOGISTICS S.L., [hereinafter referred to as “BADENES LOGISTICS], is the owner of the web portal, which acts exclusively as an operator and which manages the web portal content, and which is based at: Dr. J. J. Dómine, 4 – Pta. 10 · 46011 Valencia, VAT Reg. No.: B98718794, and which is responsible for implementing, managing and operating the web portal mentioned above.

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to 


This legal disclaimer regulates the use of this website. Access to the website is free of charge except for the cost of the connection charged by the telecommunications network provided by the service provider as part of the users’ contracts.


Use of the web portal classifies the condition of user, and implies the total and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this legal disclaimer in the version published for BADENES LOGISTICS at the same time that the user accesses the web. Subsequently, the user must read this legal disclaimer carefully each time they intend to use the web, because it may have been modified.


BADENES LOGISTICS cannot be held responsible for any websites that are not its own or those of third parties, which can be accessed through links nor is it responsible for any content which is made available by third parties.

Any use of a link or access to a non-proprietary website is gained at the sole risk and intent of the user, while BADENES LOGISTICS does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained via a link outside the website, nor can it be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or misuse of a link, or from any information obtained through it, including other links or websites, for any disruption in services or access, or from the use or misuse of a link, both when connecting to the web portal and when accessing information from other websites from the same web portal.


BADENES LOGISTICS will do everything possible to avoid any errors in relation to the contents of this website. 

BADENES LOGISTICS will take the measures and mechanisms required to guarantee any communications and transactions that occur through the web portal remain secure according to the status of the technology and according to the type of transactions and services that are being made available to the users.

BADENES LOGISTICS cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to the user’s computer system for any reason beyond or which cannot be attributed to this website, including, without limitation, any damage caused by interference, omissions, disruptions, computer viruses, loss of the telephone network or any disconnections to the electronic system whilst it is in operation. Similarly, BADENES LOGISTICS cannot be held be liable for any disruption, errors or failures that may occur in the system which have been caused by a malfunction of the network or to any servers that are connected.


The structure, design and format of presentation of the elements (graphics, images, logo files, colour combinations and any element susceptible to protection) are protected by intellectual property rights, which are owned by BADENES LOGISTICS.

The reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, and any other general form of exploitation, of the elements referred to in the previous section, either in full or in part, is prohibited. These acts of exploitation may only be carried out with explicit consent from BADENES LOGISTICS and which, in any event, must make explicit reference to the ownership of the aforementioned intellectual property rights belonging to BADENES LOGISTICS.

This is only authorised for the private use of any documentary material prepared for BADENES LOGISTICS. You may not delete, alter, circumvent or manipulate any protection device or security systems that may be installed under any circumstances.

The exception being any explicit authorisation granted by BADENES LOGISTICS, the link to “final pages”, the “frame” and any other similar manipulation is not permitted. The links must always be displayed on the main page or on the “home page”.

Any distinctive signs (trademarks, trade names) used by BADENES LOGISTICS are also protected by industrial property rights, and the use or manipulation of any of these is prohibited, unless explicit written authorisation has been granted by BADENES LOGISTICS.


BADENES LOGISTICS will never send you an e-mail or call you by phone to ask you to reveal or verify your account password, or ask for your bank account or credit card numbers, or any other type of personal information. Please do not respond and notify BADENES LOGISTICS immediately, so that they launch an investigation into the incident in the event that someone should contact you or you receive an unsolicited e-mail requesting any of information stated above. 

IDENTIFYING FAKE E-MAILS (‘spoofing’ or ‘phishing’ attempts)

Please ignore any e-mail you receive in which personal information is requested or that redirects you to another website that is not owned by BADENES LOGISTICS, or its group of companies, or any message which asks you to pay by any means other than those authorised by BADENES LOGISTICS, as this could be a ‘spoofing’ or ‘phishing’ attempt, and you will have to consider it to be fraudulent.

BADENES LOGISTICS uses the domain for its e-mails. You can be assured that it is a fake e-mail if you receive an e-mail with a different format, for example:

Some phishing e-mails include links to websites that use the words “BADENES LOGISTICS” in their URL, however, these will direct you to an entirely different website. You will be able to see the associated URL if you hover your mouse over the link, which will probably have a different format to those linked on the genuine BADENES LOGISTICS websites.

Please ignore this and consider it as fraudulent if you still click on a phishing e-mail and are redirected to a page that looks like “Go To Your Account” or to any site that asks you to verify or change any of your personal information.


Send an e-mail to and attach the e-mail which you consider to be fake. You will help us to locate its origin by providing us with this information.

Please forward it to and include as much information about it as possible if you are unable to attach the fake e-mail.

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