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About us

Badenes Logistics is a family business which was founded in 1932 and is currently headed by the fourth generation of the Badenes family. We meet the demands of our clients in an effective, agile and direct manner.

Not only do we provide an exclusive and personalised customs advisory service, but we also provide door-to-door logistics solutions for the entire supply chain. We also have a specialist training area. 

We are aware that each company has its own specific needs and, therefore, we adapt to its processes in order to establish stable and lasting long-term relationships. We are committed to total integration with the client, with the objective of becoming another link in their logistics chain. 

We also monitor customers’ situations on a daily basis, which allows us to make decisions and anticipate any potential issues effectively. We are moving towards the total digitalisation of all our systems. We are committed to making progress, but without losing sight of the importance of direct attention. Therefore, we have a team available to answer all of your questions, and meet the demands of your business.

We continuously train our team, which allows us to guarantee specialized and fully updated advice on logistics, customs and tax-related issues.

Badenes Logistics also has preferential agreements with primary shipping companies and logistics service providers, which gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with optimal solutions. 

We offer stable rates, which are negotiated over the long-term in order to provide stability and to give your business a competitive edge. We also have warehouses at primary ports which allows us to plan with more guarantees and an ensured supply.

We have a wide network of agents within our reach and we form part of the WCA, a network of top-level international freight forwarders, which certify the quality of our services. This is why we can offer effective coverage in over 150 countries worldwide. We are an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This certification is held by certain trusted companies of the Customs Administration Division. AEOs are considered by customs authorities as reliable and compliant operators, and therefore we have certain advantages which are recognised throughout the European Union. All of our clients can take advantage of these benefits by placing their trust in us with their customs declarations.

Badenes Logistics

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Consistency, honesty, integrity, dedication and transparency are the fundamental values that have characterised us throughout our history. They are principles that guide our day-to-day work and drive our activity.

Availability, speed and flexibility, and our high-quality standards characterise the service we provide to our clients.

We are committed every day to our team, and support their training and ongoing development. People are the #1 value at Badenes Logistics, and, it is for this reason that we remain 100% dedicated to our staff, to their growth, well-being and evolution.



Our main goal is to provide our customers with excellent and close-knit service, which allows us to establish long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust. We believe that we can achieve this because of our highly qualified and dedicated team, our values and maverick spirit, which encourages us to seek ongoing improvement of our services and resources.



We strive to understand the needs of each of our clients. This is so that we can adapt our service and provide them with the most appropriate logistics and customs solution for their specific circumstances. We work on and monitor each shipment to try to anticipate any potential setbacks, and to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in the correct manner. We also offer warehousing services at main ports, stable rates and information which is updated in real time thanks to our management team.

Badenes Logistics

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